Transcribed by Jodi Magnuson, using OCR technology, the Athens twp page of the 1962 ATLAS OF ISANTI COUNTY, MINNESOTA, published by Thomas O. Nelson Co.


Legend: O or R = Owner or Renter
Tel. = Telephone W. = Wife's first name
C. = Children's first name Rel. = Religion

EXPLANATION OF RURAL NUMBERING: Example: "14A3" "14" is the section number, "A" is the township (see the letters assigned for each township). "3" is the building number in section 14 and will be found printed alongside the buildings on the township map.

SEQUENCE: "Farmer's Name ? O or R ? Address and Route ? Rural Farm Number ? Tel.No. ? Wife ? Children ? General Information" Code Letters AT, A (Athens township)

ANDERSEN, FERDINAND G. -0-Bethel, R1-17AT4. C-Curtis. Rel. Lutheran.

ANDERSON, CHARLES R. -0-Bethel, R1-18AT2. Tel. RI2-5056 Isanti. W-Helen. C-Henry, Arthur, Sharon, Sheldon, Charles. Rel. Catholic.

ANDERSON, DEWEY G. -0-Bethel, R1-11A1. Tel. RI2-5980 Isanti. W-Alice. C-George, Audrey, Richard. Rel. Bethel Community Church. Reg. Holstein cattle.

ANDERSON, ELMER -Isanti, R2-12AT3. Tel. RI2-5790 Isanti. W-Amanda. C-Ronald, Lorraine, Marlene, Rodney. Rel. Protestant.

ANDERSON, GERALD E. -0-Isanti, R2-10AT1. Tel. RI2-5081 Isanti. W-Beverly. C-Steven. Rel. Lutheran.

ANDERSON, GORDON -0-Isanti, R2-9AT3. Rel. Protestant.

ANDERSON, RICHARD A. -0-Bethel, R1-11A1. Tel. RI2-5980 Isanti. Rel. Bethel Community Church. Anderson Bros. Implement Dealers.

BAKER, CECELIA E. -0-Bethel, R1-13A1. C-Virginia, Lawrence, Robert, Kenneth, Patrick, Margaret Ann, Raymond, Fredrick. Rel. Cath.

BELLIN, CHARLES J. -0-Isanti, R2-12AT1. Tel. RI2-5461 Isanti. W-Hazel. Rel. Luth.

BENSON, RICHARD H.-R-Isanti, R2-3AT3. Tel. RI2-5463 Isanti. W-Sheila. C-Randy, Mark. Rel. Baptist.

BENSON, WALLACE G. -0-Isanti, R2-2AT4. Tel. RI2-5942 Isanti. Mother-Mabel. Rel. Luth. Accountant.

BLOOMFIELD, RALPH E. -0-Isanti, R2-3AT4. Tel. RI2-5732 Isanti. W-Theodora. C-Ellis, Nancy, Roger, Ralph E. Rel. Lutheran.

BOSTROM, ERICK-0-Isanti, R2-23AT4. Tel. RI2-5828 Isanti. W-Clara. C-Wilfred, Inez, Gordon. Rel. Protestant.

BOSTROM, GORDON E. -0-Isanti, R2-7AT1. Tel. RI2-5913 Isanti. W-Elvera. C-Lois, Jean, Gayle, Lyle, Gregory. Rel. Baptist.

BOSTROM, KENNETH -0-Isanti, R2-1AT4. Tel. RI2-5887 Isanti. W-Harriet. C-Connie, Cindy, Carol, Craig. Rel. Lutheran.

BOSTROM, WILFRED -OR-Isanti, R2-15AT2. Tel. RI2-5631 Isanti. W-Gladys. C-Jerry, James, Betty Jean, Larry. Rel. Protestant.

BOUDREAU, MAURICE -0-Isanti, R2-8AT6. Tel. RI2-561O Isanti. W-Lucille.

BURKLUND, GLEN C. -0-Isanti. R2-8AT1. Tel. RI2-5727 Isanti. W-Helen. Rel. Lutheran. Twp. Board Treasurer. Glen-Mar Trailer Sales & Trailer Court.

CHRISTIANSEN, MERRILL -0-Isanti, R2-9AT2. Tel. RI2-5832 Isanti. W-Joy. C-Dennis, Lonny. Gregory, Jeffrey, Bradley. Rel. Lutheran.

CLOCHIE, ALBERT -R-Isanti, R1-1A1. Tel. 742-5053 Isanti. W-Sharlene. C-Curt, Scott, Todd.

CALLIN, VIRGIL H. -0-Isanti, R2-11AT6. Tel. RI2-5730 Isanti. W-Frances. C-Virgil, Nancy, Suzanne. Rel. Catholic.

COLLIN, HANNAH -0-Isanti, R2-11AT4. C- Laurence, Virgil, Arthur. Rel. Lutheran.

COLLIN, LAURENCE -0-Isanti, R2-11AT-A. Tel. RI2-5650 Isanti. W-Edna. C-Carol, Mary, David. Rel. Lutheran.

COUNTRYMAN, HAROLD -R-Bethel, R1-14A5. Tel. RI2-5032 Isanti. W-Reva. C-David, Susan. Rel. Baptist.

CROSS, FRED -R-Bethel, 14A2. W-Rose. C-Daniel, Vonni, Douglas, Karen, Eileen. Rel. Catholic.

CURTIN. LAWRENCE L. -0-Bethel, R1-24A1. W-Lucille. C-Ronald, Lindi. Rel. Meth.

CURTIS, DONALD -0-Isanti, R1-1A-A. W-Mary. C-Anton, Jane. Rel. Lutheran.

DAHL, HERBERT W. -0-Isanti, R2-4AT3. Tel. RI2-5692 Isanti. W-Martha. C-Gordon, Arleen. Virgil, Verlyn. Rel.-Protestant.

DAHLBERG, OSCAR -0-Isanti, R2-11AT3. Tel. RI2-5712 Isanti. W-Martha. C-Lorraine, Jeanette, Ruth, Kenneth. Rel. Baptist.

DUTCHER. FRANKLIN -0-Isanti, R2-10AT-B. W-Joan. C-Bradley, Barry. Rel. Prot.

DUTCHER. FRED M. -0-Isanti, R2-10AT4. Tel. RI2-5833 Isanti. W-Beryl. C-Frederick M., Vera, Julia, Matthew, Cecelia, John, William, Clinton, Franklin, Belle, Stephen Dutcher. Glen, Joyce & Dale Topic. Rel. Methodist.

DUTCHER, MATTHEW -0-Isanti, R2-9AT4. Tel. RI2-5041 Isanti. W-Althea. C-Robert, James, Daryl, Karen, Gregory, Dean. Rel. Methodist.

EBELING, ELDRED A. -0-Bethel, R1-17AT2. Tel. RI2-5048 Isanti. W-Helen. C-Brandon, Wayne, Scott, Cordell, Leanne. Rel. Luth.

EKLUND, WILHELM -0-Bethel, R1-23A2. Rel. Luth.

ERICKSON, DEWAYNE -0-Isanti, R2-9AT5. Tel. RI2-5484 Isanti. W-Grace. C-Susan, Kathi, Steven. Rel. Protestant.

ERICKSON, VICTOR A. -Isanti, R2-City. Tel. RI2. 5320 Isanti. C-Ralph, Edna, Jenette, Vivian, Wilbert, Deloris. Rel. Lutheran.

GLENNA, JOSEPH -0-Isanti, R2-24AT4. Tel. RI2-5440 Isanti. W-Dorothy. C-Leon, Linda, Christopher. Rel. Baptist.

GRANHOLM, AUGUSTA L. -0-Isanti, R2-4AT2. Tel. RI2-5336 Isanti. C-Freeman, Francis, Floyd, Gladys, Sherman. Rel. Lutheran.

GRANHOLM, WILLIE P. -Isanti, R2-4AT2. Tel. RI2-5336 Isanti. Rel. Lutheran.

GUSTAFSON, ESTHER -0-Isanti, R2-13AT2. Tel. RI2-5992 Isanti. C-Roy, Melvin, Adeleade, Gladys, Phyllis, Sylvia. Rel. Lutheran.

GUSTAFSON, ROY O. -0-Isanti, 13AT1. Tel. RI2-5898 Isanti. W-Gladys. C-Janet, Gary, Roger. Rel. Jehovahs Witnesses.

HANSON, JOY A. -0-Isanti, R2-Box 12-8AT5. Tel. RI2-5820 Cambridge. W-Rosella. C-Dale, Carl, Deloris, Joyce, Richard, Corrine, Joann, Gerald, Lynn, Kenneth, Thomas, Ida, Stella, Mary. Rel. Lutheran. Cesspool & septic tank pumping.

HEBEISEN, RUBEN J. -0-Isanti, R2-9AT6. Tel. RI2-5337 Isanti. W-Evelyn. C-David, Jeffrey, Karen, Virginia, Ronald. Rel. Bap.

HEDIN, ANNA -0-Isanti, R2-14AT1. Tel. RI2-5407 Isanti. C-Merton, Anita. Rel. Baptist.

HEDIN, MERTON K. -0-Isanti, R2-14AT2. Tel. RI2-5739 Isanti. W-Beverly G. C-Daryl, Cheryl. Rel. Baptist.

HENDERSON, WESLEY -0-Isanti, R1-20AT1. Tel. RI2-5949 Isanti. W-Johanna. C-Sally, Joyce, David. Rel. Lutheran.

HENRIKSON, VERDON -R-Isanti, R2-3AT2. Tel. RI2-5639 Isanti. W-Donna. C-Victoria, Verdon S., Melonni, Monica. Rel. Baptist.

HESSE, KARL A. -0-Isanti, R2-24AT1. Rel. Prot.

HOGIE, JOHN J. -0-Isanti, R2-13AT4. Tel. RI2-5943 Isanti. W-Ida. C-Morrell, Arlene, Clayton, Eloyce. Rel. Lutheran.

HOGIE, MORRELL F. -0-Isanti, R2-11AT5. Tel. RI2-5459 Isanti. W-Rosella A. C-Diane, Larry. Rel. Lutheran. Agent for Trojan Seed Corn.

HORGEN, CLIFFORD L. -0-Isanti, R2-Box 116A-7AT-A. Tel. RI2-5457 Isanti. W-Rose. C-David, Mary, Lynn. Rel. Lutheran.

HUESKE, CARL W. -0-Isanti, R2-6AT-A. W-Gertrude. C-Gwendolyn, James. Rel. Luth.

HUSER, FRED A. -0-Isanti, R2-24AT3. Tel. RI2-5088 Isanti. W-Jeanette. C-Nancy, Gary. Niece-Janis Smiley. Rel. Lutheran.

ISRAEL, WALTER -0-Isanti, R2-15AT1. Tel. RI2-5731 Isanti. W-Inez. C-Patricia, Barbara, Marjorie. Rel. Baptist.

IVES, HOWARD -0-Isanti, R1-20AT2. Tel. RI2-5646 Isanti. W-Bertha. C-Gerald. Rel. Cath.

JENKINS, AMOS W. JR. -0-Isanti, R2-11AT7. Tel. RI2-5993 Isanti. W-Marilyn. C-Pamela, Jed. Rel. Protestant.

JOHNSON, ALDEN W. -0-Isanti, R2-17AT-A. Tel. RI2-5300 Isanti. W-Edith. C-Lois Elaine, Wayne Alden, James Eugene, Patricia Marie, Jacquelyn Jo, Vicki Lynn.

JOHNSON, BINA -0-Isanti, R2-13AT5. C-Edward, Ellen, Viola, Olga, Ralph. Rel. Lutheran.

JOHNSON, ED -0-Isanti, R2-Box 114-6AT2. Tel. RI2-5920 Isanti. W-Mabel. C-Alzina, Maynard Rel. Lutheran.

JOHNSON, OSCAR C. -0-Isanti, R2-12AT2. Tel. RI2-5698 Isanti. W-Frances. C-Norman, Evelyn. Rel. Baptist.

JOHNSON, RALPH W. -0-Isanti, R2-24AT2. Tel. RI2-5404 Isanti. W-Ruby. C-Linda. Rel. Prot. Agent for Farmers Union Insurance. State Senator of 44th District.

JOHNSON, VERNON -0-Isanti, 2AT2. W-Berniece. C-Larry, Ricky, Ronald, Janice. Rel. Luth.

KING, ERMINE -0-Bethel, R1-13A5. Tel. RI2-5396 Isanti. W-Elsie. C-Larry, Lucille, Luella, Lavern, Lillian, Luann. Rel. Meth.

KING, LARRY -0-Bethel, R1-13A-A. W-Betty. C-Steven, Wayne, Mark. Rel. Catholic.

KRYSINSKI, ANTON -0-Isanti, R2-1AT2. W-Agnes. Rel. Catholic.

KUEHN, ALBERT E. -0-Isanti, R2-6AT4. Tel. RI2-5927 Cambridge. W-Gladys. C-Gwendolyn. Rel. Lutheran.

LACK, KENNETH M. -O-Bethel, R1-19AT1. Tel. RI2.5615 Isanti. W-Beata. C-Colleen, Kathleen, Eileen, Michael, Peter. Rel. Catholic. Lack Game Farm & Processing Plant.

LEFLER, RALPH -R-Isanti, R1-7AT3. W-June. C-Debra, Donovan, Douglas. Rel. S.D.A.

LEITER, MARY -0-Isanti, R2-Box 116-7AT2. Tel. RI2-5340 lsanti. C-Leslie, George, Rose. Rel. Lutheran.

LE MON, ARDELL -O-Bethel, R1-20AT6. Tel. RI2-5063 Isanti. W-Evelyn. C-Zan, Sheila. Thomas, Timothy. Rel. Baptist.

LENZ, OTTO -0-Isanti, R2-17AT-B. Tel. RI2-5497 Isanti. Rel. Lutheran. Otto Lenz Store.

LIEBERG. MARTIE E. -0-Isanti, R2-1A2. Tel. RI2-5838 Isanti. W-Ruth. C-Kathleen, Linda. Rel. Lutheran.

LILLION, ROBERT J. -Isanti, R2-17AT3. Tel. RI2-5798 Isanti. W-Mary. C-Robert Jr., Donald, Bonnie, Todd, Laurie, Kathleen. Rel. Luth. Manager of Northwestern Refining Co. Reg. Angus cattle.

LINDELL, ELOVE -0-Isanti, R2-11AT2. Tel. RI2-5908 Isanti. W-Rhoda. C-Marion, Ellsworth, Warren, Eyvonne, Dona Mae, Bonnie Lou, Sherlock, Shirley, Wayne, Loran, Charles, Glenn. Rel. Baptist.

LINDELL, LOUIS -0-Isanti, R2-2AT3. Tel. RI2-5959 Isanti. W-Mary. C-Beverly, Joyce, Janet. Rel. Baptist.

LINDELL, SHERLOCK -0-Isanti, R2-14AT-A. W-Elaine. C-Pamela, Renee, Daniel. Rel. Prot.

LINDHOLM, SIGNE -0-Bethel, R1-17AT4. C-Curtis. Rel. Lutheran.

LOFBACK, MAYNARD -0-Bethel, R1-23A3. Tel. RI2-5797 Isanti. W-Loretta. C-Thomas. Rel.Community Church.

LUNDEEN, AXEL -0-Isanti, R2-8AT7. W-Beatrice. C-John. Rel. Catholic.

MATHIS, WILLlAM -0-Isanti, R2-23AT1. Rel. Prot.

MC CLOY, WILLIAM -0-Isanti, R2-5AT1. Tel. RI2-5839 Isanti. W-Adeline. C-Frances, Michael, Stanley, Hubert. Rel. Baptist.

MC CLURE, RUSSELL F. -0-Isanti, R2-14AT3. Tel. RI2-5645 Isanti. W-Barbara. C-Russell, Jeff, Bill, Shannon, Kevin.

MELL, GARY -R-Isanti, R2-8AT7. W-Barbara, C-Sharon. Rel. Jehovahs Witnesses.

MERK, MARTIN -0-Isanti, R2-5AT3. Tel. RI2-5387 Isanti. W-Mary. C-Thomas, Martin Jr. Rel. Catholic.

MULLEN, JAMES M. -0-Isanti, R2-2AT5. Tel. RI2-5423 Isanti. W-Isabelle R. C-James Jr. Rel. Catholic.

NEIFERT, WESLEY R. -0-Isanti, R2-13AT3. Tel. 742-5016 Isanti. W-Betty. C-Laura, Lynn, Jeffrey.

NELSON, BERTIL K. -0-Isanti, R2-10AT2. Tel. RI2-5401 Isanti. W-Shirley. C-Paulette, Paul. Rel. Lutheran.

NELSON, CLIFFORD H. -0-Isanti, R2-3AT6. Tel. RI2-5349 Isanti. W-Mary Lou. C-Gerald. Steve, Brian, Scott. Rel. Lutheran.

NELSON, RALPH N. -R-Bethel. R1-12A3. Tel. RI2-5958 Isanti. W-Beverly. C-Ronald, Ricky. Rel. Protestant. Raises chickens.

NELSON, WILLIAM A. -0-Isanti, R2-12AT3. Tel. RI2-5358 Isanti. W-Minnie. C-Clifford. Bertil, Irene. Rel. Lutheran.

NEWTON, DEAN -R-Bethel. R1-14A1. W-Barbara. C-Roger, Jonni. Rel. Methodist.

OLSON, ALBERT -0-Isanti. R2-11AT1. Tel. RI2-5863 Isanti. Rel. Lutheran.

OLSON, ORVILLE N. -0-Bethel, R1-20AT3. Tel. 742-5039 Isanti. W-Irene. C-Linda, Anthony. Rel. Community Church.

OMAN, ALLEN -0-Bethel, R1-20AT4. W-Myrtle. C-Gary. Rel. Lutheran.

PANKAN, ROBERT J. -0-Isanti, R2-1AT3. W-Mildred C-Robert, Mary Ann, Thomas. Rel. Catholic.

PETERSON, ARLO -0-Isanti. R1-22A5. Tel. ID4-5259 Soderville. W-Lucille. C-Elroy, Diane. Rel. Methodist.

PETERSON, EDWARD T. -0-Bethel, R1-22A4. Tel. ID4-5257 Soderville. W-Mary. C-Fred, Clara. Lucille, Arlo, Veona. Rel. Methodist.

PETERSON, ELROY -R-Isanti, R1-22A2. W-Cora. C-Phillip, Charne, Bonnie. Rel. Methodist.

POFF, FLOYD -0-Isanti, R2-10AT-A. Tel. RI2- 5391 Isanti. W-Lorraine. C-Steven, Kathy, Keven, Sherman. Rel. Baptist.

RAPER, ROY H. -0-Bethel, Box 72-19AT2. C-Sandra. Rel. Protestant.

SCHULTZ, HENRY B. -0-Bethel, R1-20AT5. W-Gladys. C-Donald. Rel. Lutheran.

SCHWARTZ, LOUIS E. -0-Isanti, R2-6AT3. Tel. RI2-5930 Isanti. W-Gwendolyn. C-Robert, Jerry. Rel. Lutheran. Purebred Holstein & Guernsey cattle.

SJOSTEDT, ALFRED -R-Isanti, 6AT1. Tel. RI2-5729 Isanti. W-Arlene. C-Elizabeth, Alfred. Rel. Lutheran.

SJOSTEDT, JULIUS -R-Isanti, 6AT1. Tel. RI2-5729 Isanti. Rel. Lutheran.

SMITH, MERLE S. -0-Isanti, R2-1AT5. Tel. RI2-5000 Isanti. W-Carolyn. Rel. Protestant.

SORGERT. EDVIN -R-Isanti, R2-2AT-B. Tel. 742-5681 Isanti. W-Virginia. C-Virginia, Edward, Paul, David. Rel. Lutheran.

SPARKS, GEORGE P. -0-Isanti, R2-8AT2. Tel. RI2-5725 Isanti. W-Janice. C-George, Susan, Tony, David, Sally. Rel. Meth. Green Barn Farm Market-Vegtable market.

STEELE, RAY C. -0-Isanti, R2-Box 112-5AT2. Tel. RI2-5941 Isanti. W-Myrtle. C-Raymond, Robert, Roger, Richard. Rel. Baptist.

STONE, ALVIN A. -0-Isanti, R2-12A1. Tel. RI2-5397 Isanti. C-Myrtice, Leonard, Russell. Rel. Protestant.

STONE, VERNON -0-Isanti, R2-15AT4. Tel. RI2-5903 Isanti. Rel. Protestant.

SWEDEEN, LESLIE L. -0-Isanti, R2-4AT1. Tel. RI2-5477 Isanti. W-Ada. C-Vonda, Stanley, Richard, Lavonne. Rel. Methodist.

TEIGLAND, OTTO A. -0-Bethel, R1-13A4. W-Jerda. Rel. Protestant.

VAN DUSEN, CHARLES -R-Isanti, R2-16AT1. Tel. RI2-5802 Isanti. W-Avis. C-Richard, Charles, Grace, Lois, Gary. Rel. Prot.

VIDEEN, HERMAN A. -0-Isanti, R2-3AT5. Tel. RI2-5841 Isanti. W-Merinda. C-Wanda, Shirley, Donald, Paul, Betty. Rel. Luth.

WARRING, HERBERT F. -0-Bethel, R1-14A3. Tel. RI2-5889 Isanti. W-Maxine. C-Michael, Douglas, Gerald, Kathleen, Charles. Rel. Baptist.

WICKLACZ, THOMAS J. -0-Isanti, R2-1AT1. Rel. Catholic.

WICKLUND, DUANE V. -0-Isanti, R2-17AT1. Tel. RI2-5473 Isanti. W-Lou Ann. C-Cheryl, Michael, Patrick, David, Dori. Rel. Luth. Custom combining.

WICKLUND, ELMER -0-Isanti, R2-8AT3. Tel. RI2-5318 Isanti. W-Hazel. C-Duane. Rel. Baptist. Fire Warden. Town Board member. 

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