Cemeteries & Burial Information

To have your information added for Isanti County cemeteries or burials, please contact the Coordinator.

Cemetery Name City Location Coordinates
Adventist CemeteryBraham 45.635126, -93.172394
Atna Cemetery (Aetna)Isanti45.428106, -93.142637
Athens Cemetery (Faith Lutheran Church)Isanti45.457664, -93.193379
Big Meadows Cemetery (Lindberg)Cambridge45.50472, -93.15291
Cambridge Lutheran CemeteryCambridge45.57940, -93.22553
Cambridge Union CemeteryCambridge45.55982, -93.22418
Christ the King Catholic Cemetery (Cambridge Catholic)Cambridge45.55808, -93.22539
Clough Cemetery (Spencer Brook ?)Wyanett45.524742, -93.473372
Elm Park Cemetery (Socialist Cemetery) Braham 45.658754, -93.202404
Gerdin CemeteryIsanti45.456055, -93.234919
Grandy Swedish Day Adventist Cemetery (Swedish Adventist, Seventh Day Adventist Evangelical)Cambridge 45.623558, -93.178679
Green Lake Cemetery (aka Old Wyanett Free) Wyanett 45.5796859, -93.4710666
Hans Larson Private CemeteryGrandy Unknown
Isanti Union Cemetery (South Isanti Baptist Church)Isanti45.493054, -93.230151
Karmel Covenant Cemetery (Carmel Covenent Church, Swedish Mission)Dalbo45.6305556, -93.4161111
Kienitz Cemetery (Bradford Union Cemetery, East Bradford Cemetery)Bradford45.5007972, -93.3071737
King CemeteryWyanett45.5399641, -93.4402328
Lakeside CemeteryCrown45.4860757, -93.449678
Long Lake Lutheran Church Cemetery (Long Lake Community) Saint Francis45.4713889, -93.3672222
Maple Ridge Free Church CemeterySpringvale 45.695283, -93.286595
Nichols Cemetery (aka Nicholas)Spencer Brook Township45.51876, -93.42011
North Isanti Baptist CemeteryCambridge45.5336111, -93.2138889
North Maple Ridge Covenant Cemetery (Old North Church, Swedish Mission)Springvale45.7141667, -93.2755556
Oak Knoll Cemetery (forgotten) Wyanett45.6182965, -93.4088419
Oxford Cemetery (Oxford Union, Bellin Cemetery, Free Mission, Swedish Free Mission) Typo Lake45.45670, -93.09140
Rice Lake Cemetery (Braham Lutheran, Rice Lake Lutheran)Braham45.7280171, -93.2180001
Saint Johns Cemetery (St Johns Lutheran, North Branch-Weber)Typo Lake45.4980189, -93.071332
Saint Johns German Lutheran Cemetery (aka Bradford German Lutheran) Bradford45.500328, -93.289328
Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery ? Braham45.71332, -93.18237
Salem Lutheran Cemetery (Maple Ridge, Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Salem Congregation)Dalbo45.6585738, -93.3791182
Salem Lutheran Cemetery (Salem Swedish Lutheran Church) Typo Lake45.4563889, -93.0625
Sandy Lake Cemetery (Rust)Wyanett45.6010747, -93.4941226
Siloa Lutheran Church CemeterySpringvale45.7022222, -93.3333333
South Maple Ridge Covenant Cemetery (Swedish Mission) Springvale45.6663889, -93.2994444
Spencer Brook Cemetery (Nicholas, Clough ?) Wyanett45.51876, -93.42011
Spring Lake Lutheran Church Cemetery Stark45.542306, -93.057360
Springvale Baptist Church Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church of Springvale)Springvale45.630415, -93.276742
Stanchfield Baptist Church CemeteryBraham45.67139, -93.18500
Stanford Cemetery (East Stanford) Saint Francis45.445866, -93.326952
State Hospital Cemetery (Cambridge State Hospital, Garden of Remembrance)Cambridge45.55478, -93.23539
Strike Cemetery (German Congregational) Saint Francis45.485900, -93.297247
Wyanett Free Church CemeteryWyanett 45.585229, -93.451164
Zion Cemetery (Crown Christian & Zion Lutheran)Crown45.45720, -93.46403

Last Updated: 03.11.2021