Grade School Class from Athens Township, Isanti County, MN

Transcribed by Jodi Magnuson, The 'Albin Johnson' listed is my great grandmother's brother. He was born in 1889, which would have made him about 15 years old here. I do know quite a few of the others listed and their birth dates cover quite a range.

October 12, 1903 - April 1 1904

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School Officers
Isaac Larson ? Clerk
John Johnson ? Director
Andrew Leaf ? Treasurer


Alma Larson
Ellen Smith
Hannah Beckman
Victor Beckman
George Smith
Nellie Swenson
Selma Leaf
Henry Smith
Arthur Nelson
Alfred Fredrickson
Signe Sundin
Sidney Stolt
Lawrence Peterson
Anna Fredrickson
Albin Fredrickson
Minnie Palmquist
Phina Palmquist
Willie Melander
Bernhard Melander
Eynard Esen
Gothard Esen  
Alice Esen
Hedwig Krisinski
Willie Krisinski
Emma Long
Oscar Long
Lucie Wichtaoz
Esther Swenson
Minnie Mickelson
Fred Long
Edward Johnson
Oscar Mickelson
Hulda Palmquist
Alfred Nelson
Willie Mickelson
Emma Swenson
Isabell Long
Albin Johnson
Willie Nelson
Albert Leaf


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