A FEW OF THOSE THAT EMIGRATED FROM WHERE TO WHERE AND WHEN not completely checked or proofed, do not use as gospel and do not reprint. Contact compiler for corrected information Some of this was published in the Swedish American Pioneer Historical Journal in 1983, but this list has been expanded several times.

Compiled by Sue Team,, 2 June, 1999, revised 14 Aug 1999, permanant address 1749 Bonita Lane, Carlsbad CA 92008
Andover = Andover, Henry Co, Ill
Cambridge = Isanti Co, Minnesota
Chisago = Chisago Co, Minnesota
Fish Lake = Chisago Co, Minnesota
Franconia = Chisago Co, Minnesota
Isanti = Isanti Co , Minnesota
Lindstrom = Chisago Co, Minnesota
Rock Island = Co, Illinois
Spring Garden = Goodhue Co, Minnesota
Kiron = Kiron, IA

The date is sometimes the date they left or it may be the date I found them living in an area.

Name Min Slakt book # Emig.
Andersdotter, Margreta 14A19 1857 Chisago, Isanti, MN Swede Bend, IA
Anderson, Daniel 8Z18 1850 Chisago, Isanti, Coronado, Ca
Anderson Joris Per/Carin 8Z18 1850 Chisago and Isanti
Anderson, Peter   1857 Cambridge 1860 wife Anna Stina
Anderson, Peter Hadin 1V27 1869 Isanti
Auslund, Jonas Rev 4R12 1866? Cambridge, Etc m. Marg Norell
Backvall, Matthias 6Z25 1868 Isanti, MN 1895
Backvall Peter 6Z12 1868 Isanti 1885,1895
Beck, Jon 9T7 1850 Rock Island, IL
Beckman,Per 7T49   Murdock, Minn. clergyman
Bengtsdotter,Helena Persson 3R33 1856 Cambridge 1860
Bengtson, Peter 3R49 1882 Isanti 1885
Berglof, Eric/Sigrid 10Z5 1886 Isanti 1895
Berglof, Greta 5E13 1856 Andover, Henry Co, IL
Berglof, Lars O 5E13 1856 Andover, IL d 1862
Berglof, stephen 5F13 1850 Princeton, IL
Berglund, Carin Svensdotter 29E4 1870 Kandiohi, MN
Berglund, Carin Pehrsdotter   1861 Bayport, Washington Co, MN
Berglund, And All The Children   1866 /1868  
Berglund, Julia/son eric 5T22 1861/1870 Isanti, MN
Bergman, Jonas 1N34 1886 Kiron, IA and Cushing, Min
Bergstrom, Anders 1Z194 1872 Kiron, Cushing, MN.
Bergstrom, Anna     Kiron, IA m. Francis Norleius
Bergstrom, Erick 1Z194 1914 could be Isanti
Bill ,Cherstin Danielsdotter   1861 IA and not in book Franconia, MN.
Borg, Per 6T58 1900 Isanti Co.
Bratlund, Carl(Charles*   1898 Wyanette twsp, Isanti Co, MN 1877 homesteaded m. 7T21
Bratlund, Eric*   1898 Wyanette tsp, MN
Bratlund, Peter E *   1881 homesteaded Wyanette. MN
Broddy, Bertil Valfrid 1Z131 1926 Isanti
Broline, Jonas 14V10 1878 Isanti 1895
Broline, Peter 14V4 1883 Cambridge 1905-Isanti 1885, 1895
Buller, Hans Pehrson 7T36 1873 Isanti, MN and Kiron, IA
Buller, Henry     Kiron, IA
Buller, Peter     Kiron, IA
Carlsson, Charles Dahlqvist 6Z   Bjuraker Isanti Co. MN
Chilstrom, Mary 1S19 1861 Chisago m Eric Eastlund
Chilstrom, Peter 1S19 1861 Isanti, MN 1885
Chilstrom, Sven 7F17 1866 Isanti, MN 1885
Dahl, Hans Nilsson 1P17 1853/57 Osceola, Wisc-& Harrison,
Kandyohi,     MN-Chisago Co
Dahl, Nils,Sigrid Frank 1P17 1853 Chisago co , MN., Osceloa, Wis
Danielson, Andrew 4R14 1865 Isanti 1885 Washington State
Danielson, Helen 1R17   Stode Isanti MN 1865
Danielson, Margreta 1R17 1857 Isanti 1885 Washington State
Danielson, Olof 4R14 1857 Isanti
Dillner, Peter 5T18 1867 Duluth, MN
East, Carrie Öst     Ogilve, MN
Eastlund, Hans(Ostlund) 3K35   Attmr Isanti
Eastlund, Olof 3K25 1856 Isanti 1885
Engberg, Anders Erik 7T23 1856  
Engberg, Carl Erik     Kiron, IA Cambridge
Engberg, Johan 7T23 1856  
Engberg, Jonas 4T106 1867 Isanti
Engberg, Jonas 7T23   aft1852 Chicago, IL
Engberg, Lars 7T23 1856  
Engberg, Margarita 4T106 1873 Isanti, MN
Engberg, Per 7T23 1856  
Engberg, Anna Person 4T106 1869 Cambridge, MN Married Danielson
Englund, Jonas 8Y4 1881 Kiron, IA
Englund, Louis O 5V57 1902 Isanti, MN
Englund, Peter(Lund, Per) 6H23 1908 Isanti, MN
Ericksdotter, Anna 9B10   Kiron, IA
Ericksson, Paul 1Z   Maple Ridge
Erickson, Pehr, Brita     (Harley Peterson relative)
Florin, Sven Ericsson/Ingrid 5T37 1883  
Lars Peter Forsberg*   1873 St./Paul m. 7T21
Frank, Sigrid 10U1 1853 Wisconsin? m. Nils Dahl
Franklin, Benjamin 3R33 1850 Fish Lake
Frans,Eric Olsson /Marg. 1T17 1900 Fish Lake
Franz, Olof Ericsson/Carin 1T22   Bjuraker1864 Fish Lake
Freden, Olof Peterson 1T21 1873 Isanti 1880/1905 S.D. 1900 Sask.Canada 1910
Fredin, Daniel 23Y3 1849 Taylor Falls. MN
Fredin, Eric/Margret 23Y3 1866 Isanti Living with Son Peter
Fredin, Karen 23Y3 1853? St Paul 1853 m A J Eckman
Fredin, Nils Persson 3K38 1871 Wyoming
Fredin, Olof 11U3 1868 Cambridge Twsp 1885
Fredin, Olof Ericsson Swager 23Y3 1866 Fish Lake and North Branch, MN
Fredin, Peter 23Y3 1852 Isanti 1885,1895
Gadd, Helena Franklin 3R33 1853 Isanti Co.
Glad, Per Olof/Brita 21U2 1867 Franconia
Grift, Jon Anderson/Carin Eng 3T19 1873 Isanti, MN 1885
Grift, Peter 3T19 1873 Isanti
Hadin, Peter/Carin 1V27 1869 Isanti may have gone by Anderson
Halden, Hans 6B12 1857 Isanti 1885, 1895
Hansdotter, Christine Smith 6Z11 1850 Chisago; IL and Cripple Creek. Co
Harm, Brita 5S18 1850 New York, New Jersey- Died there 1854
Hassel, Greta 3Z12   Chisago Lake m Per Nordlund
Hassel, Jacob 3Z12 1861 Fish Lake
Hassel, Jonas 3Z12 1966 Fish Lake?
Hassel, Margaret(Peter) 5S32 1853 Cambridge 1865
Hassel, Peter Person 1S14 1853 bro to Jonas Norell
Hasselgren, Anna 1Z100 1857 Chisago Lake and Wisc
Hasselgren, Christine 1Z100 1857 Chisago Lake married P Wedmark
Hasselgren, Paul Ersson 1Z100 1857 IA, Wisc and Chisago Lake
Haudeen Anders 1V27 1869 Isanti 1885
Haudeen Christine 1V27 1869 Isanti
Hazelius, Eric 1Z94 1867 Isanti 1885
Hazelius, Peter 1Z94 1858 Isanti 1885
Hellsen, Anders/Cherstin 14A50 1866 Isanti 1905
Helsen Henry 14A50 1869 Isanti 1895
Helsene, Lars Erik 14A50   ?Fish Lake, Isanti
Helsene, Nels 14A50 1869 Cambridge Twsp.
Hendrikson, Martha Kasja 2S18   Kiron, IA m Hans Buller
Hogberg, Brita 7F16 1869 Isanti, MN
Hogberg, Ingrid 4R13 1893 Webster, Wisc
Hogberg, Lars 7F16 1866 Harris, MN
Hogberg, Peter b 1841 1F19   Isanti 1885
Huldt, Anders Person 6Z21 1887 Shelley, Idaho
Jacobson, Erik Sjoberg 3Z22   cousin of Jos. Hassel
Johansdotter, Brita 9L14 1866 Isanti, White Rock, MN married 1st Peter Anderson, m2/ Olof Loo 5T14
Johnson, Peter Engberg 4T106 1867 Isanti
Johnson, Bertha b Bjuraker     Kiron, IA
Johnson, Nils/Christina   1866 Isanti 1895 f/l John Chilstrom
Johnson, Olof     Kiron, IA
Jons, Per (Johnson) 11U5 1868 Cambridge Twsp 1885
Jonsdotter, Catharina Karin   1860 Fish Lake m Peter Lof
Jonsson, Jon (Engberg) 7T23 1856 Andover and Mercer Co
Jonsson, Olof 5H17 1850 Princeton IL and Humbolt, Ks
Kamel, Hans 5R5 1850 Princeton, IL
Kollin, Hans 1S27 1885 St. Francis, MN
Larson, Anders     Isanti 1885 w/A Danielson
Larsson, Eric 1Z101 1857 Cambridge 1865/70
Levin, Laveeen Hans     Kiron, IA
Lidbom, Gabriel, Brita Frank 9T8 1880 Osceloa, Wis?
Liden, Johanna 1K24 1866 Isanti 1885-
Liden, Olof Johansson 1K24 1866 1898 land on the Isanti map
Lind,Cherstin Ersdotter 11P   Henry Co, and Rock Island, IL m. Anders Westerlund b.1829 Bergsjo
Lind, John Erik   1881 Isanti 1895
Lindell, Daniel 1Z235 1893/87 Isanti MN
Lindell, Eric 1Z235 1882 Isanti, MN
Lindell, Lars 1Z235 1893 Isanti, 1895
Linden, Johan 1K24 1866 1898 Land On The Isanti Map of Bodum-century farm
Lindsten, Peter 8Z23 1866  
Lindstrom, Daniel Larson 2R23 1853 Lindstrom, MN.
Lindstrom, Eric 10T26 1866  
Lindstrom, Helena 11U5 1868 Cambridge Twsp m. Per Jons
Lindstrom, Jacob 14Z3 1877 Cambridge Tws Living with daughter
Lindstrom, Jonas Olof b1929 10T26 1866 Fish Lake
Lindstrom, J. O. b 1957 10T26 1866 Fish Lake -1900
Lindstrom, John 10T26 1866 Fish Lake, MN
Lod, Eric Anderson 5T36 1857 Fish Lake, Chisago Cambridge
Lodien, Peter 5T34 1882 Cambridge 1885
Lof Erikson , Hans 8Y10 1879 Cambridge, IL and Kiron, IA
Lof, Peter 5Z8 1850 Fish Lake m 2x
Lofquist, Carl Erik Danielson     Spring Garden,
Lofquist, carl Erik Engberg 5U10 1860 Andover, Henry Co, IL & Kiron, IA
Lofquist, Carolina 5U10 1857 Andover, Henry Co, IL & Cambridge
Lofquist, Jon Erik 5U10 1860 Andover, Henry Co , IL
Löfqvist, Jonas     Kiron, IA
Lonn, Eric 3U16 1856 his wife a Rice
Loo, Brita Anderson 9L14 1923 died Isanti- see Johansdotter
Loo Olof Jonsson 5T32 1858 married Brita (9U4) in White Rock, Goodhue CO, MN
Lood, Peter b 1824 5T16? none Cambridge 1885
Lood Peter E. born 1857 5T34 1882 Cambridge twsp 1885
Ludquist, Daniel/ingrid Lof 12Y12 1857 Isanti (Lindquist)
Ljunglöf, Anna     Kiron, IA
Ljunglof,Erik Ericson 8Y4 1881 Kiron, IA
Modig, Per 3K37 1861 Cambridge twsp. 1885
Moody, 23N4 1869 Cambridge
Norberg, Eric Larson 3R17 1872  
Norberg 3R29    
Norberg, Karin * 7T21 1898 Wyanette twsp, Isanti Co MN married Brattlund
Anders Norberg* 7T21 1873 St. Paul
Norberg, Eric 1Z98 1870 Isanti Co., MN
Nögd, Sigrid     Ogilve, MN
Norberg, Christina E 7T21 1873 St. Paul m. Forsberg
Norberg, Greta* 7T21 1869 to USA m Olof
  7T21 1873 St Paul
Nord, Andrew 14A25 1850 Princton, IL
Nord, Eric 18U12 1869        
Norberg, Eric     Isanti co.MN
Nordell, Jonas Ericsson 8Y8 1861 Kiron, IA
Nordlund,Petrus 14D   Chisago Lake, m Greta Hassel
Norelius, Peter 5S45 1853 Isanti 1860- 1895
Norelius, Anders 5S27 1850 Isanti and Kiron, IA, and others
Norelius, Anders P 5S27 1853 Isanti
Norelius, Eric Rev 5S47 1850 Vasa, Etc
Norelius Jonas 5S46 1853 Vasa
Norelius, Julia /Ben Bong 5S27 1853 Cambridge twsp.1885
Norelius, Lars 5S27 1853 Chisago, Cambridge, Vasa, MN Sioux City, IA
Norelius, Carin/Ben Franklin 5S27 1853 Chisago, Fish Lake, MN
Norell, Anders 1L24   Andover
Norell, Hans/Annie 2P53 1861 Isanti, Cambridge he d by 1895/she m 2)Andrew Peterson
Norell, Peter 3R50 1853 Harris, Isanti, Fish Lake
Norell, Jonas(John) 5S14 1850 Chisago, Isanti, MN died St Louis
Norell, Jonas/sara j 14A16 1872 Isanti, MN d by 1895
Norell, Olof/Kate Anderson 5T17   Anoka
Norell, Sara Juliana Svens. 9L15 1872 Isanti sister to Brita Loo, Anna Liden, bro Johan Svensson, nephew Johan
Norin,Abraham/Brita 7N10 1869 Isanti 1895
Norin, Eric/Sigrid 6B14 1892 Isanti 1885, 1895
Norin, Erick/Kate 6B14   Isanti 1895 neph Hans Haden
Oker, Peter/Betsy 1K17 1883 Isanti 1895 Died 1905
Oker, Bertha 11E9   Isanti Died 1912
Okerstrom, Anders 1K17 1895 Isanti, MN 1895
Okerstrom, Jonas 1K26 1868 Isanti Died 1883
Okerstrom Peter/Margreta 1K27 1869/71 Isanti,1895 Died 1930
OLSON, Eric     Bergsjo 1876 Kiron, IA
Olson, Eric b 1837   1880 Kiron, IA m Brita Rapp
Olson, Olof b 1800     Kiron, IA
Olofsdotter, Gunilla 8Z23 1861 Isanti m. Geo. Rice
Oslund, Erik Olof     Maple Ridge
Ostberg, Eric 1Z98 1870 Isanti co,. MN
Ostberg, Peter 12T13 1892 Cambridge
Ostrom, Eric Ericson 9B15 1860 Franconia d.
Paulson,GertrudeErsdotter(Freed) 23Y7 1866 Isanti, MN
Paulson, Peter Eric 23Y7 1866 Isanti 1885 Took Name Fredin/Fredeen
Pehrson, Jonas Erik 7M22 1881 Braham, MN
Pehrsdotter, anna     Kiron, IA
Persdotter, Brita   1861 ST Paul, MN 1stLuth Church
Persdotter, Brita b 1818     Kiron, IA
Pehrsdotter, margreta     Kiron, IA
Person, Jonas 9N14 1869 Isanti, Min?
Peterson, Parents Of Hans 4T22   Cambridge, MN
Person, Per   1854 Bishop Hill, Henry Co, IL
Quist, Carl Erik Danielson 14A14 1858 Cannon Falls, Goodhue Co, MN
Rapp, Brita 1R22 1872 Kiron, IA m. Eric Olson
Rapp, Daniel Anderson 1R22 1860? Cambridge twsp 1885
Rattig(Rattick) Daniel not in 1850 Chisago, IL and book Cripple Creek, Co
Rice, George 26U4 1861 Isanti 1885
Rolin, Elias 9T2 1853 dies in Civil War
Rust, Jonas 6T55 1885 Wyanette, Isanti Co. MN
Rust, Andrew 6T55 1885 Wyanette, Isanti Co , MN
Silen, Peter   1858 Isanti Sjoberg = see Jacobson
Selin,Anders(Erik) 6Z23 1869 Isanti, MN- Cambridge twsp 1885
Selin, Christopher 7M20 1867 Duluth, MN
Selin, Olof/catherine 6Z23 1869 Isanti, MN 1895 he d by 1895
Selin John O 6Z23 1869 Isanti, MN
Selin Jonas P     Isanti 1885 MN
Seline, Christopher   1867 Duluth 1890, IL, KS
Shulean, Lars Peter Sunberg 33A3 1850 Chisago, Isanti 1885 and Brunswick, MN
Smith, Christine 6Z11 1850 Chisago, Taylor Falls, IL & CO
Smith Matthias 6Z11 1850 Isanti and Cambridge1895
Snygg, Anders 8E13 1849 Boone Co, IA 1870
Soderberg, Per Gill 1T15   Kerkhoven, MN
Soderling, Anders Jonson 11U3 1868 Cambridge twsp., MN 1885
Soderlund, Anders 7E35 1868 Athens, MN 1885
Soderlund, Nils 7E37 1883 Cambridge Twsp 1885
Soderstrom, Per Anderson 9T5 1850 Princton and Rock Island, IL & Swede Bend, Webster
Stadin, Anders/Golin 6T56 1872 Cambridge tswp. 1885
Stadin Anna, Ingrid 6T56 1872 Cambridge
Stadin, Daniel 6T56 1872 Cambridge Co IA & MN
Stadin, Jonas 6T56 1872 Isanti Co .Died 1919
Stadin Peter, Daniel,Margreta, 6T56 1872 Cambridge
Stal, Per Olof 3Z 1861 Vasa, MN
Stockhaus, Barbro 3U12 ? Isanti- Min slakt says she died-NOT!
Stockhaus, Eric/Golin 3U12 1854? Isanti
Stockhaus, Juliana 3U12 ? Isanti m Peter Anderson
Storberg,Elizabeth Wedmark 1P17 1894 Wisconsin
Storm, Hans 4T15 1872 Isanti,
Strong, Mrs. Oscar(Emma Rust) 6T55 1885 Wyantte, Isanti MN
Sundberg, Eric 33A2   Isanti 1885
Sundberg, Isaac 33A2 1866 Isanti
Sundberg, Jacob/Brita 33A2 1866 Isanti 1885
Svard, Brita 4F12 1856 Spring Garden m Johannes Jonsson
Svard, Cherstin 20B10   Spring garden m Karl Holm
Svedberg, Ingrid groansdotter     Kiron, IA m Jonas Svensk
Svensk, Jonas G 8Y8 1870 Kiron, IA
Swan, Nels Peter 1P22 1873 Isanti 1885, 1895
Sward, Olof 20B14 1868 Isanti, MN 1885,1895
Swede, Eric 8Y5 1870 Kiron, IA
Swede, Jonas 8Y5 1870 Kiron, IA
Swing, Jonas 6T62   aft 1900 Bodum, Isanti, MN
Swing, Olof Lod 5T51   1880
Swing,Oscar 6T62    
Thalin, Carl August Carlson 3T28   1876
Tiger 8P1 Bjuraker X-4 6e5 Isanti  
Torell, Eric Norell 14A33 1869 Cambridge twsp1885
Torrell, George 26U6 VN 1864 Isanti Died 1897
Torell, Peter 14A32 1866 Cambridge twsp.1885
Trigg, Margreta Persdotter 14V10 1892 Isanti
Udd, Lars b.1806 1D6 1920 Andover
Wadin, Abraham 7N3 1866 Isanti
Ward, Eric 1T9 1861 Cambridge 1865 Kiron, IA ?
Wedmark, John 5V12 1870 Isanti 1895
Wedmark, Lars 5V2 1861 IA and Isanti, MN
Wedmark, Peter 5V2 1858 Wisc and Chisago Lake, MN
Westerlund, Anders Sr. 11P 1850 IL.
Westerlund, Andrew Jr. 11P 1850 Andover, Rock Island, IL m Cherstin Lind
Westerlund, Eric 11P 1850 d. 1850 on trip to US
Westerlund, Hans 11P 1850 Andover, IL
Westerlund, Jonas 11p3 1850 Chisago, MN m Ellen Nelson
Westlund, Eric 3T6 1868? Isanti
Westlund, Eric? 5V2 1868 Isanti
Wicklund, Jonas 1S26 1882 St. Francis
Wickstrom, Eric 10H15 1866 Princeton IL and Humbolt, Ks-Isanti 1870
Wiklund, Nils 1P38 1893 Webster, Wisc
Young, John/IngridMartha 18U13 1869 Isanti 1895
Younglof, Anna Margreta 12M9 1866 Anoka/Minneapolis m. J Norell
Younglof, Eric/Christine 12M9 1866 Isanti 1885, 1895-liv w Per Okerstrom Öst, Hans Peter Ogilve, MN



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